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Shivangi K

IPSA, Rajkot 

The teaching process in DESIGNdoodleS is very innovative, creative and full of joy. There are practical & easy techniques of teaching. DESIGNdoodleS is completely a free platform to grow and develop.

The faculties here are way too knowledgable and experienced. The knowledge and tips gained at doodles is really very helpful in further studies.

Trusha V

CEPT SID, Ahmedabad 

The only way to be creative is to explore and have a strong desire towards whatever you want to achieve. I joined DESIGNdoodleS and they made me explore a lot.

I personally feel DESIGNdoodleS is the best place where one can do as many mistakes and the tutors are always there to improve upon and teach in a best possible way.

Shriraj G

NIRMA, Ahmedabad 

If u want to reach somewhere & get success you have to be at right place at the right time. Tutors at DESIGNdoodleS actually prepared us for the future challenges instead of just teaching us how to clear entrance exams & that really makes a difference between us & other candidates.

At last want to conclude that if u want to reach somewhere & get success you have to be at right place at the right time.

Shruti T

Navrachana, Vadodara 

Joining DESIGNdoodleS made my vision of architecture more clear and perfect. I came across many different people with really creative and different perspective towards the field of design and arts.

Thanks to DESIGNdoodleS team for your great support and guidance. I personally feel this great experience is very helpful in my present time.


NATA - National Aptitude Test in Architecture

Design Courses

5 Years Course 

B. Arch

Civil Construction
B. Planning

Aptitude Test


NATA / JEE B. Arch

Eligibility Criteria


12th Science (PCM)
CBSE / ICSE / State Board

10 + 3 years Diploma (Any Stream)

Design Colleges

Colleges across India 

CEPT - Ahmedabad
NIRMA - Ahmedabad
NAVRACHNA - Vadodara
MSU - Vadodara
SCET - Surat
GCPIA - Surat
MALIBA - Surat
IPSA - Rajkot
APIED - Vallabh Vidyanagar
SMAID - Vallabh Vidyanagar

For more details visit on Status with intake of Architectural Institutions in India Click here

Note: Above names of colleges are not listed as per ranking.


Interior Design

Design Courses

4-5 Year course 

Furniture Design

Aptitude Test


All Instutions takes their independent test

Eligibility Criteria


12th Science (PCM for CEPT)

CBSE / ICSE / State Board

50% Aggregate marks

Design Colleges

Colleges in Gujarat 

CEPT SID - Ahmedabad
NAVRACHNA - Vadodara
APIED - V. Vidhyanagar
SMAID - V. Vidhyanagar
VSNGU - Surat
ANANT - Ahmedabad
GLS - Ahmedabad
AURO - Surat


NID - National Institute of Design

Design Courses

4 Year course 

Product Design
Graphic Design
Furniture Design
Transportation Design
Animation & Film Design
Toy & Game Design
Ceramics & Glass
Exhibition Design
Information & Interface Design

Aptitude Test


NID and some institutes takes their independent test

Eligibility Criteria



CBSE / ICSE / IB / State Board

Design Colleges

Colleges in Gujarat 

NID - Ahmedabad
IIT - Mumbai
IICD - Jaipur
MIT - Pune
SHRISTI - Bangalore
NIRMA - Ahmedabad
GLS - Ahmedabad
AURO - Surat


NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology

Design Courses

4 Year course 

B. Des - Fashion Design
Accessory Design
Textile Design
Fashion Communication

B.F. Tech - Apparel production

Aptitude Test


NIFT take their independent test

Eligibility Criteria



CBSE / ICSE / IB / State Board

Design Colleges

Colleges in India 

IICD - Jaipur
ISDI - Mumbai
PEARL - Mumbai
MSU - Vadodara
SOFT - Pune
GLS - Ahmedabad
AURO - Surat

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Our prestigious students who made it into various Design schools in India


How to start a design career?
Realize your dream here, at DESIGNdoodleS [Since 2014].
We are a team of professional, experienced architects and designers based in Rajkot and Surat, INDIA. 

Our mentors also teach as a visiting faculty in various prestigious colleges like CEPT, Nirma, IPSA along with practising design and architecture.
Not only have our students performed exceptionally in the competitive exams, we are well known for providing our precise guidance and genuine opinion, when it comes to choosing ,the most appropriate design course for students after 12th.

Since there is no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing many times...We guarantee to put your child on the road of self-development through consistent practices and trials, which will in turn help them to become receptive to the world of design. 
Not only this, demanding a lot more than oneself despite the potential difficulties is what students here, will know.

We help students to prosper by showing them various design related videos, articles and participative interaction on regular basis. 

Design is your smartest investment & so when it comes to providing assistance regarding any design course, DESIGNdoodleS is all set to help your child understand not only just the role of a designer in a society but also helps them choose an appropriate design career.

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